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    As part of his interview, Italian supercar designer Frank Stevenson spoke about how he designed the exterior for the Maserati MC12.

    Frank Stevenson worked on the design of the new Italian hypercar Maserati MC12. This is the same man who also had a hand in the creation of the legendary British Mclaren P1, Ford Escort Cosworth and Ferrari F430. He also designed the Mini Cooper and Fiat 500 city cars carzaamin(.)com/auction.

    While there is a common misconception that the MC12 is the same Ferrari Enzo, it’s worth noting that the two supercars are completely different. Yes, the new Maserati is built on a Ferrari Enzo chassis, but most of everything else is done entirely from scratch. While the MC12 is longer, wider and taller, it is quite different from the Enzo. It has a lower top speed of 330 km / h compared to 349 km / h in the case of the Ferrari Enzo and slightly less braking efficiency, which is a by-product of its larger size.

    Part of what makes Stevenson such a great designer is that he draws on knowledge of aerodynamics and mechanics to create each of his designs.

    Mr. Stevenson designed the MC12 supercar not only to look good, but to be really fast – with good aerodynamics. Stevenson says young designers often overlook the mechanical limitations of their designs and are often forced to fix mistakes at the last minute. He believes that if something is designed to work well, it will be beautiful in nature.

    Aside from looks and design, the MC12 was a very important vehicle for Maserati carzaamin(.)com/blog/japanese-used-cars-for-sale-in-pakistan/ as it brought the company back to the racing world. While the GT racing regulations say you have to build 25 road versions of your race car, Maserati wanted to do something special. Unlike most major manufacturers who would modify their conventional racing vehicles, Stevenson and Maserati decided to optimize the car for the racetrack.

    The MC12 GT1 has brought great success to the Italian automaker in a relatively short period of time. Only in the second race did the brand’s team win in Oschersleben with Mika Salo and Andrea Bertolini at the wheel.

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