Why the Christian Gospel of today is part of the corruption problem in Africa

The false Prosperity Gospel has made it to AFRICA 🙁

The final time I checked, there was a citation someplace in the Bible that reads “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven and all else shall be added.” Well it appears the trendy so known as “men of God” have form of edited the Bible to make that phrase grow to be “seek ye first the material things of this life and worry about Heaven when you die.”

Why do I sound so satisfied you ask? Well stroll (okay now they’re hi-tech so you’ll be able to tune in in your TV) into any “charismatic” church and there is is 98% probability of you listening to the “pastor” speak about how the folks in the congregation are all destined to be the subsequent millionaires, how they may every purchase the newest BMW automobile, how they’ll construct that dream home and a complete lot of what I name materialism programing.

Now Jesus Christ himself has stated someplace in the Bible that the poor will all the time be with you, they may all the time be in your midst. The “pastor” is additionally saying all his congregation can be wealthy. Which is which. The video above is not the exception, no. That is the norm today. In the video, you hear the pastor inform his congregation how a lot they should spend as offertory to have the “blessing” that is in retailer for them. What hogwash!

This prosperity Gospel menace has grow to be a critical canker in the African society today. At least over right here in Ghana, it is simply abhorring. I personally know people who find themselves saddled with large money owed as a result of they took loans to purchase costly automobiles simply because their “pastors” had “prophesied” that they might. People are actually being programed to grow to be materialists, battle all their lives to amass all the fleeting glitterings of this world. Very few of the church buildings today are actually caring for the souls of the folks, preaching the true Gospel with which Jesus Christ got here. The idea of contentment with little is a taboo!

What occurs to a society whose folks have been programed to grow to be materialists, searching for to meet the baseless and false prophecies of con males? What occurs to a society whose persons are solely targeted on shopping for the newest and costliest gadgets when in actuality, these gadgets are out of the attain of the majority? What occurs to a society whose “men of God” cost their docile congregation *cash* in order to “bestow” upon them the “blessings of God?”

There is little doubt that not everybody can be wealthy in their lives, not everybody will purchase a automobile or personal a home in their lives. Some people who find themselves authorities staff generally discover it arduous to even pay for hire. But one factor that is sure is that everybody will die sometime. And as the Bible itself says, “man is destined to die once and after that judgment.” What preparation are folks making for this sure journey? For this impending and imminent judgment?

What occurs when the folks of a society grow to be materialists is that there can be mischief, corruption will enhance on the earth. Simply as a result of folks will begin to dwell lives which might be manner past them. Buy issues that they actually shouldn’t have any level in shopping for. You have the youth today who roam from church to church searching for pastors who will “bless” their web rip-off actions. There is corruption in every single place as a result of folks have been instructed to hunt the glitters of this world, imagine in on the spot gratification, dwell in false and faulty beliefs that they’re destined to be wealthy when in truth nobody is aware of for sure what their future is.

The sooner the actually good, sane and morally upright Christians tackle these charlatans known as prosperity Gospel preachers, the higher for the complete of society.

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